World Tour on a Whim: Conquering Countries That Start With W

Countries That Start With W
Countries That Start With W

Alright globetrotters, gather ’round! Today we’re tackling a travel trivia challenge that’s both fun and frustratingly short: countries that begin with W. That’s right, W as in “Weird and Wonderful” destinations most people wouldn’t dare to Google. Dust off your passport, because this whirlwind world tour is about to take us from historic castles to volcanic landscapes, all under the glorious banner of the letter W. Here are the countries that start with W:

How Many Countries Start With the Letter W?

There are actually no recognized sovereign countries that begin with the letter “W”. The world of geopolitics is surprisingly devoid of Ws! This isn’t uncommon for certain letters – “X” is another example. While there are regions or dependencies with names starting with W, like Wales in the United Kingdom, for official countries on the world map, you’ll need to look past the first two letters of the alphabet to find a starting point for your international adventures.

What European Countries Start with the Letter W?

There actually aren’t any European countries that start with the letter “W.” While some territories or regions around the world might begin with W, like Wales (which is part of the United Kingdom), no recognized sovereign nation within Europe has a name that starts with that letter. The alphabet’s W and X are the only two exceptions where no European countries fall under those starting letters.

W is for Wales: Dragons, Druids, and Drool-Worthy Eats

First stop, Wales! No, it’s not just a sheep-filled corner of the UK. This Celtic country boasts a rich history, dramatic coastlines, and enough castles to make you feel like a medieval movie star. Hike through Snowdonia National Park, a landscape straight out of a Tolkien novel, or visit the charming capital city of Cardiff. Here, you can explore ancient Roman ruins, then hit the arcades for some modern fun – Wales truly does cater to all interests.

W Countries

Speaking of interests, if yours leans towards the culinary, Wales won’t disappoint. Sample some “bara brith,” a fruity tea loaf that’s perfect for afternoon tea, or indulge in a hearty “cawl,” a lamb stew that’ll warm you up from the inside out. Don’t forget to wash it all down with a glass of local Welsh beer – just try saying “llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch” after a few pints, that’s a challenge in itself!

W is for Wallis and Futuna: Polynesian Paradise with a French Flair

Next, we take a sharp turn south for a dose of island life in Wallis and Futuna. This French overseas collectivity in the South Pacific is a haven for sun-seekers and snorkelers. Picture turquoise lagoons, swaying palm trees, and beaches so pristine they look like they’ve been photoshopped. Here, life moves at the pace of a gentle ocean current, and your biggest worry will be whether to grab a croissant or a fresh coconut for breakfast.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can explore the volcanic peaks on the main island of Uvea, or visit the traditional villages and soak up the local culture. Don’t miss the chance to witness a “kastom” dance performance, where vibrant costumes and rhythmic beats will have you moving your hips in no time. Just remember, sunscreen is key – there’s no escaping the Wallis and Futuna sunshine!

**Western Sahara: A Land in Limbo (But With Stunning Scenery) **

Now, we head to Western Sahara, a territory with a complex political situation. This vast desert landscape boasts sand dunes that stretch for miles, punctuated by the occasional rocky plateau. It’s a land of stark beauty, perfect for intrepid explorers and photographers.

Western Sahara

Here, you can explore ancient caravan routes used for centuries by Berber nomads, or take a 4×4 adventure through the dunes, feeling like you’re on a real-life safari. Just be sure to be respectful of the local population and current events.

Interesting Facts About W Countries

While there aren’t any countries that begin with the letter W, there are a couple of interesting facts related to the letter W and countries:

  • Wales and the Ubiquity of W: Although not a country itself, Wales, a constituent country within the United Kingdom, offers a fascinating case. The letter “W” is prominent in the Welsh language (Cymraeg). Here, “W” is often pronounced as a double “u” sound, and it’s one of the most frequently used consonants. Place names throughout Wales are a testament to this, with towns like Wrexham, Swansea, and Pwllheli showcasing the prevalence of the letter W.
  • Beyond Countries: Exploring W-Initialed Territories: While W might be absent from the official country list, there are interesting territories around the world that start with W. Wake Island, an unincorporated territory of the United States, is a remote atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Wallis and Futuna, an overseas collectivity of France, consists of Polynesian islands in the South Pacific. These examples demonstrate that the letter W, though uncommon for countries, finds its place on the map in various geopolitical entities.

Wrap Up: W Countries Are Worth the Wait

So, there you have it, folks! A whirlwind tour of W-countries that proves even the most obscure destinations can hold hidden gems. From historical sites to breathtaking landscapes, these places offer something for everyone (except maybe those who crave crowds and five-star resorts).


The next time you’re planning a trip and want to escape the beaten path, remember the W countries of the world. They might be few and far between, but they’re guaranteed to leave you with memories that are anything but forgettable. Now, enough with the W-ondering, get out there and start exploring!

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