The Ultimate Guide of 23 Best Things to Do in Canberra with Kids


A Wonderland of Family Fun

Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Australia, Canberra isn’t just the nation’s capital; it’s also a treasure trove of family-friendly activities and attractions that promise endless adventures for kids of all ages. From educational museums to outdoor escapades, this ultimate guide outlines 23 of the best things to do in Canberra with kids, ensuring your family’s visit is brimming with excitement and unforgettable memories.

1. Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre:

Embark on an interactive journey of scientific discovery at Questacon. With hands-on exhibits, engaging workshops, and mind-bending displays, kids can dive into the world of physics, biology, and more while having a blast.

2. Australian National Botanic Gardens:

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Stroll through the enchanting Australian National Botanic Gardens, where kids can explore themed gardens, learn about native flora and fauna, and enjoy open spaces for picnics and play.

3. National Dinosaur Museum:

Delve into the prehistoric world at the National Dinosaur Museum, housing an impressive collection of dinosaur skeletons, fossils, and interactive displays that are sure to captivate young minds.

4. Cockington Green Gardens:

Miniature worlds come to life at Cockington Green Gardens, featuring meticulously crafted miniature buildings and landscapes that transport kids to different countries and eras.

5. Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Tour:

Sports enthusiasts will delight in the AIS Tour, where kids can explore Australia’s premier sporting precinct, visit the athlete training facilities, and even participate in interactive activities.

6. National Zoo and Aquarium:

National Zoo and Aquarium

Encounter a diverse array of animals from around the world at the National Zoo and Aquarium. Kids can get up close with lions, tigers, sharks, and more, making for an unforgettable animal adventure.

7. Canberra Reptile Zoo:

Get acquainted with reptiles from across the globe at the Canberra Reptile Zoo. From snakes and lizards to crocodiles and turtles, this immersive experience offers kids a chance to learn about these fascinating creatures.

8. Australian War Memorial:

For history buffs, a visit to the Australian War Memorial offers a chance to learn about Australia’s military history through exhibits, artifacts, and commemorative displays.

9. National Arboretum Canberra:

Discover the beauty of trees at the National Arboretum Canberra. Kids can explore themed forests, enjoy panoramic views of the city, and partake in various outdoor activities.

10. Mini Q at Questacon:

Tailored for children under six years old, Mini Q at Questacon offers a safe and engaging space where young ones can learn through play, exploration, and hands-on activities.

11. Royal Australian Mint:

Royal Australian Mint

Spark kids’ interest in currency and history with a visit to the Royal Australian Mint. Guided tours and interactive exhibits reveal the coin-making process and the stories behind Australia’s currency.

12. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve:

Immerse your family in the beauty of nature at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. With walking trails, wildlife encounters, and stunning scenery, it’s an ideal spot for a family picnic and adventure.

13. National Gallery of Australia:

Nurture your child’s artistic flair at the National Gallery of Australia. From impressive artworks to engaging workshops, the gallery provides a creative space for kids to explore their talents.

14. Australian National Maritime Museum:

Embark on a maritime adventure at the Australian National Maritime Museum. Kids can explore interactive exhibits, board historic vessels, and learn about Australia’s maritime history.

15. Canberra Railway Museum:

All aboard for a train enthusiast’s dream come true at the Canberra Railway Museum. Families can explore vintage locomotives, carriages, and even take a short ride on a heritage train.

16. National Capital Exhibition:

Offering insights into the planning and development of Canberra, the National Capital Exhibition is an educational stop that sheds light on the city’s history and design.

17. Stromlo Forest Park:

Stromlo Forest Park

For outdoor excitement, head to Stromlo Forest Park. With mountain biking trails, a disc golf course, and wide-open spaces, it’s an ideal spot for active families.

18. Pod Playground at National Arboretum:

A playground like no other, Pod Playground at National Arboretum offers unique play structures inspired by acorns and banksia pods, providing endless entertainment for kids.

19. Big Splash Waterpark:

Cool off during the summer months at Big Splash Waterpark, where water slides, splash zones, and pools promise hours of aquatic fun for the whole family.

20. Canberra Space Centre:

Fuel your child’s curiosity about space and astronomy at the Canberra Space Centre. Interactive exhibits, planetarium shows, and space artifacts make for an out-of-this-world experience.

21. Dairy Farmers Hill at Australian National University:

During spring, families can delight in the sight of blooming cherry blossoms at Dairy Farmers Hill. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a vibrant celebration of nature and culture.

22. Lanyon Homestead:

Step back in time at Lanyon Homestead, an early settler’s estate that offers guided tours, historical demonstrations, and a glimpse into colonial life.

23. Black Mountain Tower:

Black Mountain Tower

Take in panoramic views of Canberra and its surroundings from the top of Black Mountain Tower. The revolving restaurant and observation deck offer a unique perspective on the city.

Conclusion: Unforgettable Family Adventures Await

With a wealth of educational, entertaining, and awe-inspiring attractions, Canberra stands as a paradise for families seeking memorable adventures. From hands-on science exploration to encounters with wildlife and immersive cultural experiences, the nation’s capital is a destination that promises endless fun and discovery for kids of all ages. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the 23 best things to do in Canberra with kids ensure that your family’s journey is filled with joy, learning, and cherished moments that will last a lifetime.

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