The ReBrand Revolution: Embrace Your Inner Artist with Our Color-Coded Collection!

Get ready to unleash your inner artist with The ReBrand’s groundbreaking new makeup collection! We’re throwing out the rulebook and embracing the power of color with four uniquely named, vibrantly pigmented products designed to empower your self-expression.

Bubblexyza: The Foundation for Limitless Creativity

Our journey begins with Bubblexyza, your gateway to a flawless canvas. This lightweight, buildable foundation comes in a stunning array of shades to perfectly match any skin tone. Bubblexyza offers flawless coverage that feels weightless, allowing your natural beauty to shine through while providing a smooth, even base for the color explosion to come.

Bubbledublexy: Eyeshadow That Speaks Volumes


Let your eyes do the talking with Bubbledublexy, our luxurious eyeshadow palette. This innovative palette features a kaleidoscope of highly pigmented shades, from soft, ethereal shimmers to bold, statement-making mattes. The unique color combinations within Bubbledublexy allow for endless creativity, whether you crave a subtle daytime look or a dramatic evening masterpiece.

Dablegumaxas: Blush for a Touch of Playful Allure

Add a touch of playful allure to your complexion with Dablegumaxas, our luxuriously creamy blush. Available in a range of universally flattering hues, Dablegumaxas blends seamlessly for a natural flush of color. From a soft, rosy glow to a vibrant pop of coral, Dablegumaxas allows you to customize your look with effortless precision.

Umadeblebax: Lips That Take Center Stage

Leave a lasting impression with Umadeblebax, our high-performance lipstick. This long-wearing formula delivers intense color payoff in a range of captivating shades, from classic nudes to daring reds and everything in between. Umadeblebax provides a comfortable, non-drying wear for lips that make a statement all day long.

The ReBrand’s color-coded collection is more than just makeup; it’s an invitation to embrace your individuality and celebrate the full spectrum of beauty. So, step outside the lines, explore the possibilities, and discover your perfect color story with The ReBrand!

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